History of Tatman Village

Tatman Village exists thanks to the benevolence of Eva “Kip” Tatman and her sister, Nellie “Frank” Tatman, whose will stated that their estate be left in trust to establish, build and support in the City of Monticello, Illinois a “charitable” home for retired and aged persons. 

In April of 1981 Tatman Village opened with residents occupying approximately eighty percent of its thirty-six apartments.  The Village filled the remainder of its apartments within the next nine months, added sixteen additional apartments in 1986 and continues to serve the seniors of this community.  In accordance with the will, residents of Monticello Township receive first priority, Piatt County residents second priority, families with Piatt County affiliation third priority and finally, will accept residents from outlying areas. 

In 2006, Tatman Village received another generous bequest from Dale and Lorene Robinson.  This bequest along with the Tatman Village Trust will help support Tatman Village for many years to come.

Above: Eva & Nellie Tatman.