Tatman Village FAQ

I still feel young and active, why should I live at Tatman Village?

Just because you are! Because you are too interested in an active life to be tied down to a house or apartment and their necessary responsibilities, or forced to live within the schedule of other people, no matter how close to you.
Tatman Village offers you the ability to come and go as you please and provides you with the time to enjoy your own activities and interests as well as welcome family visits to your home whenever you wish.

May I bring my car?

Of course. You will have the option of having an enclosed parking spot for a modest fee or have the use of the parking area as part of your rental package. The enclosed parking areas enable you to access your vehicle without being subjected to the elements.

I like to travel. I feel I may be tied down to one place as a resident of Tatman Village.

Certainly not. Travel! Go places! Spend the winter in Florida, do as you like. You’re not tied down to Tatman Village, you’re just assured that while you’re gone, someone will be looking after your home and keeping it secure. If your trip lasts for more than thirty days, your meal charges are suspended for up to four months while you are gone.

I like my privacy and independence. How is Tatman Village going to affect them?

You’ll be more independent than ever. You will have your own private “home”. You come and go as you please. You can choose to cook for yourself, join friends for dinner in the dining room, or plan a trip for dinner in town. All the options are yours.

Should I need a special diet, will it be available?

Certainly. In fact, a qualified dietician prepares our menus. You plan your own diet according to your own restrictions. Choose what you want or can have from our selective menus.

Do you have any accessible apartments for people with disabilities?

Yes! Our Deluxe 1 Bedroom units are fully accessible!

Should my apartment need repairs, who will take care of them?

Tatman Village has a well trained maintenance staff to take care of repairs. This is one the benefits of living in our Community – the worries are ours, not yours.

I am living in my own house now. I may not be able to adjust to an apartment.

Living in Tatman Village will free you from all the burdens of maintaining your home. You will be moving from a house to a whole village of potential friends and companions, many that you may already know. You will not be sacrificing space because the entire common areas will be at your disposal.
We want your life at Tatman Village to be enjoyable. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to adjust to a more independent life style, you are not locked into a long term lease. All you have to do is give us a thirty day notice.

I’m only seventy now. What happens if I live to be ninety or ninety-five and outlive my financial resources?

You still have your home at Tatman Village. Tatman Village has a fund to support financially indigent residents of Piatt County. We maintain and operate this fund in accordance to good business principles.

May I have guests stay overnight and dine with me in the dining room?

Yes. Family and friends may stay with you at any time. Of course, they will be welcome to join you in the dining room for dinner. Tatman Village maintains a guest room available at a nominal cost. It is available on a reservation and availability basis.

I am capable of independent living, but I occasionally need some assistance with personal care.

Tatman Village does not offer assistance in this area, however there are service agencies in this community with personnel you may employ. Except for unusual circumstances (e.g. early hospital dismissal), you may not employ overnight assistance.

Is there an application fee or damage deposit required?

Tatman Village requires no application fee. The only deposit required is your first months rent and meal charge. This goes into effect within one week of the date the apartment becomes available or the day you move in, which ever comes first.

I still enjoy some gardening and love plants. Is there any way for me to pursue these activities?

Tatman Village has a vegetable garden with area available for resident use, and your private patio area is spacious enough for a variety of pots. Tatman Village also offers the ability to honor a loved one by donating to the Memorial Garden. This beautiful flower garden which was created and is maintained by Tatman Village staff was built for resident enjoyment and reflection. The garden was recently featured on the Monticello Garden Walk 2009.